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Fire in Chelsea and Proper Response

A fire broke out in Chelsea this afternoon. Luckily the response was quick and nobody suffered any major injuries. We train our guards to deal with similar situations in order to avoid disaster before it starts.

This Tuesday afternoon, March 28, 2017, a fire broke out in Chelsea market, but thanks to the quick response of the FDNY, was completely put out within its first hour. The building, with its several shops and eateries, is a popular tourist attraction. High traffic buildings such as this one pose a huge risk not only to building’s residents, but also to its guests and pedestrians passing by. If a fire breaks out and goes unreported for an extended period of time, the repercussions could be disastrous. Luckily nobody suffered any major injury and the FDNY was applauded for their successful effort.

Basic fire-safety know-how is a must for any building supervisor or security officer. A properly trained guard could make the difference between safety and tragedy, depending on his moves within the first few minutes of a fire being reported.

The first and most crucial step is to be prepared. A properly trained guard should know where all the building’s exits and fire safety equipment are located. Smoke caused by burning materials is extremely disorienting and it is important to know how to lead everyone in the building to safety in the case that smoke is present or a fire alarm goes off. A guard trained in fire safety will also know how to use fire blankets and various types of extinguishers to deal with smaller fires. Putting out a fire at its earliest stages is the best way to prevent a large-scale emergency situation. But if the fire has already spread, the guard will react accordingly.

After assessing the location and stage of the fire, the guard will contact emergency services and report the situation in as much detail as possible. This will allow emergency responders to be ready with the proper equipment and plan once they arrive on scene.

The guard is responsible for leading all the people in the building to a safe location outside of the building, while leaving access space for emergency responders. Of course guards are expected to keep calm and organized throughout the scene, ensuring everyone’s safety and welfare. Thankfully the people in charge of keeping this building safe acted responsibly and professionally.

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