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Balancing Security With Customer Service

Customer service is a high value for many companies. We think it is important to consider customer service as well as security when conducting any safety response task. 

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about the customer service of certain large companies that require high levels of security. Airlines, shopping malls, and other high-trafficking premises require security guards who are active, serious, and quick to act. However, such large companies need to maintain a good company image and defend their brand as well as their property and guests.

At times customers could be breaking minute rules that may not seem like they require security action. Yet, often times to keep a business running smoothly, intervention is necessary. The question we are tackling is to what degree should intervention follow through.

As a general rule, when other people are at immediate risk, a security guard should not hesitate to intervene with physical force. But there are many situations in which property or business procedure is at threat, where negotiation could be used instead. An unlawful or unacceptable action should be met with a well-thought out reaction. Friendly customer-client interaction is a high value for most businesses. It keeps customers satisfied and brings customers back.

As a security company, we understand what customer service means and respect other business’ priority of customer service. When minor rules are being broken it is usually best to give a gentle reminder before taking a more severe response, even if the customer is clearly in the wrong.

Our security guards are well trained in positive customer interaction and know when to step back and when to step forward. We hope that this mindset becomes as much of a standard for the rest of the security industry as it is for us.

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