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Perimeter Fences and Access Blocks

A basic outline of the types and uses of various types of fences. Industrial fencing, high-secutiry fences, and anti-ram fences all provide various layers of protection against different types of threats. All serve to protect both the property in question and the bystanders who may be passing by the property.

Securing the perimeter of a location is one of the first essential tasks in almost any security task. Security guards could only monitor and handle so much traffic at once, which is why fences and access blockades are often used to narrow the stream of traffic and funnel people into a few monitored locations.

Fences and blockades come in many forms, with each serving a different purpose. These are the various purposes and types of fences and blockades:

1. Industrial Fencing

Industrial fencing is the most common and easily installed type of fencing. The idea behind this type of fence is to cover a large area and provide a basic barrier between the outside world and the industrial location. Often times a visible, physical barrier is enough to keep wandering pedestrians away from a location. Barbed wire could serve as an additional deterrent, and usually indicates a high level of risk associated with trespassing on a location. Many properties that require industrial fencing are looking out for both their own protection and the safety of passersby. It is important to mark a construction site of industrial complex as separate from the public, as heavy machinery or chemicals may pose a threat to the public.

2. High-Security Fencing

High-Security Fencing is stronger and more secure than industrial fencing. If a location contains valuable assets that are vulnerable to theft or requires an additional barrier from the public, a high-security fence could be used to keep intruders out. These fences are usually lined with motion detectors and video surveillance that are monitored by licensed security guards.

3. Anti-Ram Fencing

Anti-Ram Fencing is made for a high level of protection. Some premises may be susceptible to planned attacks or uncontrolled traffic. Anti-ram fences combine surveillance technology with high-quality construction to provide maximum protection against potential terrorist attacks.

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