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Facial Recognition Software Adds a New Dimension to Security

One of the newest technologies available to security companies is facial recognition software.  The software captures an image of every person who enters a building and compares it to images stored in a database.  The database may consist of convicted sex offenders or other convicted criminals, or it may be compiled locally to include images of disgruntled former employees and others who are no longer welcome on the premises.

A synagogue in New York is just one building that is using facial recognition successfully to protect the children in their religious school.  There are eleven registered pedophiles in their zip code, and they wanted to make sure that none of them have easy access to the students in the school, so they worked with Security USA to install the facial recognition system.  Most of the parents are pleased to have facial recognition software in place because they believe it provides an extra layer of protection for their children.  In a world where it seems as though the threats multiply daily, facial recognition software can provide some peace of mind.

While some have voiced concerns about the accuracy of facial recognition software and privacy issues surrounding its use, David Boehm, COO at Security USA Inc. says that the technology is improving every day.  Privacy issues are being decided in the courts, paving the way for appropriate use of the technology.  Security USA is at the cutting edge of the security industry, combining well-trained guards with the latest available technology to provide the best security programs while keeping costs down.

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