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Surveillance: Safety Measure or Privacy Breach?

Advances in technology have created an environment in which much of what we do can be digitally tracked.  During an RNN News panel, which included Clark Pena of Security USA, Inc. the ramifications of living in a society where almost everything a person does can be traced or monitored was discussed.

Some of the digital tracking that is done today is done by private corporations for the purpose of gathering marketing data.  Other aspects are carried out by government agencies for security purposes, and still other surveillance activity is provided by security companies at the request of their clients for the purpose of protecting their people and propoerty.  The availability of all of this information is controversial because it restricts the individual's ability to maintain the level of privacy to which they may be accustomed.

Among those who believe that too many aspects of our lives are subject to video play-back are concerned less with who is responsible for the tracking than they are with the fact that their whereabouts and purchasing habits are being recorded and tracked without their permission.  The example given is that when purchasing a cellular phone, one expects to be able to make and receive phone calls from a mobile device, but has not specifically agreed to allow their whereabouts to be tracked via that same device.

Security USA's Clark Pena explains that in a post-9/11 world, there is a need to monitor potential threats before they become disasters.  That need for security, coupled with rapidly growing technological capabilities has created the ideal environment for digital tracking of many of our daily tasks.  Among security companies, like Security USA, efforts are made to keep security measures as unobtrusive as possible, but the primary consideration is to provide the security that the client needs.  Security USA combines well trained guards with cutting edge tachnology to provide an appropriate level of security with minimal interference in normal operations and at a cost effective price.  Technology may include CCTV cameras and monitoring, access gateways, including card readers and biometrics, including fingerprint and iris scanners as well as facial recognition software.

While controversy may continue to swirl around the issues of digital tracking and privacy, ultimately, individuals, and our society may have to choose between safety and privacy.

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