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You prepare your students for a secure tomorrow. We provide the school security today.

Although our schools and colleges should be a safe place to teach and learn, frequently headlines remind us that schools can also be the setting for a variety of dangerous occurrences. Weather emergencies, lockdown situations, bullying and violent assaults present educational institutions with a myriad of school security threats.

The news is filled with reports of high-profile incidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. Security USA™ will work with you to make sure that your campus is prepared for everyday and unexpected safety issues. We design and implement school security solutions that address your specific objectives. Through our advanced campus training programs, we’ll support campus protocols while providing a secure school environment.

Security USA® offers 24/7 remote monitoring, featuring the most advanced monitoring technology and staffed with highly trained and experienced management and field supervision. We utilize the latest advances in technology to monitor our guards, including GPS tracking and cameras to ensure the highest level of accountability and reliability.

Security USA® believes that there is no place in our profession for poorly trained or unmotivated personnel. As a result, we carefully screen every applicant for our school security positions for excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and maintain a proprietary training program led by military and law enforcement specialists to provide the best security personnel for schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Our rigorous training program results in highly trained and licensed school security officers with the ability to detect and prevent potential threats to life and property with advanced surveillance and access control techniques.

Security USA® requires our school security officers to prepare reports and be conversant in conflict resolution techniques to maintain the optimal functioning of your campus' daily operations. We can also provide officers who are CPR/AED certified, or who speak languages other than English, as required. We strive to assign officers who fit into your school's culture right from the start, so students will feel comfortable with them and turnover will be minimized.

Security USA® continuously monitors the latest in technology to help us provide the highest level of professional school security. Our latest advancement utilizes our proprietary facial recognition software which allows educational institutions to screen against a database of known sex offenders, felons and banned individuals, immediately alerting the appropriate personnel to their presence.

Our innovative approach to school security solutions integrates the latest technology with our expertise to minimize risks and maximize the most effective security. Our commitment to the best interests of our clients and their students helps us to build lasting relationships which enhance the stability of educational institutions.

After all, a safe environment is a prerequisite for parental peace of mind, without which enrollment will suffer.

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