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Security USA® is committed to providing security and safety for our clients in the hospitality industry and their hotel/motel guests. We have invested significant resources in our ability to provide security professionals who understand and meet the specialized security needs of the hotel and motel industry.

All potential officers are screened for excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Many are multi-lingual. Our rigorous training program results in licensed officers with the ability to detect and prevent potential threats to life and property with advanced surveillance techniques, detect criminal activity, be alert for planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared for all emergencies, including fire, medical, natural disasters and power failure while maintaining a focus on customer service and professionalism. We can also provide officers who are CPR/AED certified as required.

Our Fire Guards and Fire Safety Directors are trained in accordance with local laws and licensed to work in hotels and motels (class J-1). Their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Notifying building occupants of fires
  • Helping to evacuate buildings in emergencies
  • Serving as liaison with the fire department during safety operations
  • Maintaining the Fire Safety Plan
  • Supervising floor wardens
  • Conducting fire safety drills

Security USA® strives to offer the latest in security technology to help us meet the needs of our clients in the hospitality industry. Our latest advancement utilizes our proprietary facial recognition software which allows hotels and motels to screen against a database of known sex offenders, felons and banned individuals, immediately alerting the appropriate personnel to their presence. Our use of cutting-edge technology gives our clients the option to reduce costs while enhancing security.

Security USA® also has a wealth of experience with all aspects of special event security, and can provide personnel and specialized equipment to help secure any event being held at your hotel, including metal detectors, cameras and communication technology. With Security USA™'s security solutions, you can be sure that your hotel and its occupants will be safe when special events are taking place on your premises.

Our innovative approach to total security solutions for hotels and motels integrates the latest technology with our world-class expertise to minimize risks and maximize security that is both effective and cost effective. Our commitment to the best interests of our clients in the hospitality industry helps us to build lasting relationships which enhance the welcoming feel of their facility.

SecurityUSA, Inc, Licensed and Bonded Security Guard Company.
New York: 336 West 37th Street, Suite 450 New York, New York 10018 Tel: 212-594-4475
Long Island Office: 535 Broadhollow Rd, M-107, Melville NY 11747 ‎ Tel. 631-414-7514
Florida Office: 1945 Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. 786-688-8200
Nationwide Tel: 866-GUARD-80, New Jersey Tel. 201-515-3028

Integrated Security Solutions for the Informed Client

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