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About Facial Recognition Software

Every reliable security system depends on a valid authentication process. In order to have valid authentication, you must be able to confirm the truth of the issue at hand or the identity of a person. One advanced method of authentication is facial recognition software.

This software is becoming much more popular and more widespread. Not only do we not realize the extent to which this technology is being used but we also do not realize what it actually means and how it works.

What is Facial Recognition Technology? Face recognition technology identifies or verifies individuals by analyzing certain facial features such as the upper outlines of the eye sockets or sides of the mouth, by comparing a live person with a stored template from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

Why Facial Recognition?

Compared to other advanced authentication processes that use fingerprint or palm print biometrics, facial recognition has distinct advantages because it is a non-contact process. Facial images can be captured from a distance and does not require any interaction with the person that is being identified. The images are then stored in a database. Building a database is the key to the success of this software application. The identification process is also instantaneous.

The instant an individual enters your grounds or facility; the security cameras scan their face and send the image to your database in seconds. If there is a match, an alert is immediately sent to the selected personnel.

You will always stay alert on who is coming in your building.

How it works?

Facial recognition analyzes the characteristics of a person's face images input through a digital video camera. It measures the overall facial structure, including distances between eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw edges. These measurements are retained in a database and used as a comparison when a user stands before the camera. This biometric has been touted as a fantastic system for recognizing potential threats. It is projected that biometric facial recognition technology will overtake fingerprint biometrics as the most popular form of user authentication. Every face has numerous, distinguishable landmarks, the different peaks and valleys that make up facial features. Each human face has approximately 80 nodal points. Some of these measured by the Facial Recognition Technology are: • Distance between the eyes • Width of the nose • Depth of the eye sockets • The shape of the cheekbones • The length of the jaw line These nodal points are measured creating a numerical code, called a face print, representing the face in the database.

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