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Retail business concerns lose a combined total of over $13 billion each year due to shoplifting. Add to that the $25 billion lost to employee theft and pilferage and you can begin to see just how much of your profits might be disappearing before your very eyes. Additional revenue is lost when employees fail to perform their duties appropriately.

Our innovative loss prevention systems combine the most highly trained personnel with the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) and other advanced technology to reduce or eliminate your losses. Depending upon your current situation, implementing a Security USA® loss prevention system could potentially pay for itself.

While retail establishments are the most obvious targets for this kind of crime, other organizations, like hospitals, schools, commercial offices and other institutions also suffer financial loss from pilferage. While CCTV can’t be used in every setting due to obvious privacy issues, our risk assessment consultants can help you determine the best way to minimize your losses regardless of your organization.

Secret Shoppers

Security USA, Inc. provides trained secret shoppers to evaluate establishments, employees and services. The use of secret shoppers helps to improve and maintain companies' customer service. We have been retained by numerous corporations who wish to maintain their high level of customer service.

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